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We are IPER-collettivo (Marco Conti, Giulia Landini, Lorenzo Romaniello, Lorenzo Vacirca), a multidisciplinary group of professionals united by a passion for experimentation, creativity, sustainability, and interactive forms of expression.

We are friends working together. Over the years following our graduation we have kept collaborating and exchanging our visions on an increasingly more frequent basis, connected by our shared vision on the arts, architecture and ecology. Our individual careers allowed us to focus on our personal interests and to share them with the rest of the group, developing and delineating our identity as a team, which finally emerged as the IPER-collettivo.


Our research investigates the relationship between the territory and its communities, aiming to express our visions through socially engaging projects: a material representation of the traditions and the evolving ways of living.


Since its formation, the group has collaborated with local associations active in the area between Prato and Florence organizing co-planning and participatory design workshops. 

friends and supporters

exhibitions and events

COUNTLESS CITIES BIENNALEPalazzo Cafisi, Favara, August 2021 / SUPERBLASTNAM-Not a Museum, Florence, September 2021 / MODULI:MOBILIOfficina Giovani, Prato,  October 2021 / GREEN TABLESan Francesco al Prato, Perugia, November 2021 / H24 GALLERYBBS pro, Prato,  March 2022 / FABBRICAZIONEBeste Hub, Prato,  May 2022 / WE WILL DESIGNBASE, Milan,  June 2022 / POGGIO TEMPESTAContemporary Fire, Florence,  June 2022 / CONVIVIALE VEGETALEOfficina Giovani, Prato,  June 2022 / TESSERETextile Museum, Prato,  July 2022 / CONTEXTILE 2022Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, Guimaraes,  September 2022 / DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2022Re-thinking Plastic, Yksi Expo, Eindhoven,  October 2022


Prato (IT) + Munich (DE) + London (UK)

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