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Téssere is the result of a participatory process involving the community of the local Textile Museum. 

The project is inspired by the observation of the spontaneous and creative reuse of the exhaust spools and investigates how to expand their application to different fields, using the museum's spaces as a workshop open to the city.

The aim is to use local knowledge as a common ground to trigger a creative process and to transform a familiar object into a basic element to prototype new scenarios and possible arrangements of the public space. 

The single modules are the bricks of this game and they can be freely moved around the square, and assembled to form new shapes and fulfill different tasks, depending on the user's needs. . Each module constitutes a tile of a larger image reproducing a textile pattern, which has been derived from the research and the re-interpretation of some patterns part of the museum's collection.

In parallel with the construction, a series of workshops were inviting children and their parents to experiment together with spools. The participants could use them in combination with other upcycled objects to create toys, as well as a printing negative to decorate fabrics and posters, or as a mould for clay sculptures.

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