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Sitz-Puzzle @ Poggio Tempesta by Margherita Nuti (5)


Sitz-Puzzle invites us not to be intimidated: the work must actually be experienced and is to be observed from a radically contemporary point of view. The platform immersed in the grass, introduced by a natural path, will reveal its modular "puzzle" aesthetic, composed of spinning supports made from recycled plastic, in bright colour ranges. Their assembly is designed for the formation of a drawing, a pattern, with explicit references to pixel art. Furthermore, with a nostalgic look at Superstudio's utopias, the collective of artists laudably respond to the sustainable goals and the respect and enhancement of the context conveyed in the exhibition, presenting an artwork with potentially infinite expressive capacities.


Sitting on the installation, you will be led to turn to the horizon, on the dunes in front of you the memory of a little girl, with a backpack on her shoulders, who thinks she has left for a great adventure, could appear. Everything is so huge when you are little. It sounds like a curious pun, but every element is magnified when you experience it for the first time - the fears, the dreams, the feelings. Try to remember how it was, go back to that moment, say hello to the little girl, make room for her on the puzzle placed in the middle of the grass. You

could also lie down and guess the shape of the clouds.

The artwork is part of the exhibition “Poggio Tempesta”, curated and produced by Caterina Fondelli in Summer 2022.

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