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Plastic W(e)ave @ BBS Prato by Margherita Nuti

plastic w(e)ave

The work is inspired by our hometown Prato, where urban and social identity have historically been strictly connected to textile production. The manufacturing heritage is directly reflected in the city’s appearance.


The local architecture shows a unique osmosis between inhabited areas and industries, between homes and factories, a mark of the entrepreneurial tradition merging with the history. We selected the spool as the element to portrait Prato’s story: its modularity, chromatic richness, and strong iconographic value are the basis for our work.

The installation measures 6.0m x 2.5m x 1.74m, made with recycled plastic spools assembled to form a chromatic pattern and to resemble the frenetic movement of the loom creating the fabric. The motif is the fruit of a research into the catalogue of the local textile museum.

The spools, from familiar objects, are converted into iconic modules to tell
the story of a place and its people, resulting in an object crossing the boundary between design and art.

Plastic W(e)ave has been exhibited at Rethinking Plastic hosted by Yksi Expo, part of the Dutch Design Week 2022, and it is now on display at studio in Eindhoven.

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