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Parkifying the future

parkifying the future

The concept takes inspiration from the analysis of “herd” social behaviours, or better, those collective behaviours unconsciously shared by people belonging to the same community, that are not necessarily a direct cause of a predefined or an externally imposed rule, similar to a swarm in movement.

The frantic research of parking is a perfect example of the high standard of comfort we are used to, and, moreover, how a public space stolen to people could become a battle-horse for political campaigns and the ace in the sleeve for lazy planning offices. The intention is not to criticise this attitude, nor to condemn the creation of new parking, but to raise awareness on how future mobility will evolve and shape accordingly the cities.


Climate change and the increasing density of cities require efficient and sustainable mobility, moving away from the car for private use.
What is going to happen to cars when in a few years fossil fuels will be banned? Are car parks going to be the next urban void or proof of our lost car heritage? Are the old cars going to be stuck up forming mountains of metal waste to dispose of, or will they be another push to innovate?

We do not have the answer now and, very likely, it will not be us to find it, but
meanwhile, why cannot we build another car park to not break this Italian tradition?

The proposal has been shortlisted for Lucca Biennale Cartasia 2022.

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