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Moduli Mobili by Fabrizio Bruno

moduli mobili

Moduli:mobili is the result of a participatory design workshop, where local no-profit associations engaged with the neighbourood community to create a series of installations to represent the feature of the area and to facilitate interaction between citizens.


The project is part of a wider series of events within the programme of “Prato urban jungle” an urban scale re-development of the city toward a new vision of social and eco-sustainable architecture. The programme was divided into two series of design workshop lead by a multidisciplinary team of designers, social workers, teacher and local representants. The group of people included all ages and it was open to everyone to join at any time, with the aim to discuss together the visions and the goals for the future of the area.


Once the interview and the co-design phase is completed the quiz results and the drawings collected have been transformed into a phisical representation, discussed with the participants. One of the outcome of the design brief was to use only local waste material as the vegetable crates, the cardboard spools and the wooden planks from the nearby grocery market. The workshop ends with the self-construction of three installations scattered around the neighbourood: a sliding piazza, a cassette wall, and a geodesic info point.

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