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Fabbricazione @ Beste Hub


Fabbricazione is a collaboration with the oil painter Jacq and the company Beste|MONOBI. The project is a site-specific figurative installation realise through a participatory construction process involving the artists and the workers, in which Jacq and IPER-collettivo propose themselves as co-constructors and animators of a collective action.

The work represents a subject that relates to the production environment through the use of a module typical of the textile industry - the spool - and is the result of the contamination between the artists’ own expressive techniques. 

The painting created by Jacq is called L’ incontro.  The work has an essentially liminal nature, with the representation of a moment poised between arrival and departure; the moment that precedes the kiss or the one in which the latter ended and we observe each other; the expression of a feeling or a simple greeting.


We transferred the portrait features of the painter from the vertical wall, to the horizontal plane of the floor, and enlarged them through the supports used for spinning, made available by companies in the Prato area and composed of regenerated plastic.

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