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Micromegàsuoni @ Manifattura Tabacchi Firenze by Martina Melchionno


The project is a response to the restrictions imposed by authorities following the outbreak of the global pandemic crisis, which has been forcing most of us to stay at home. The limitations allowed us to re-discover our neighbourhoods and the local paths out of our daily routine. Many people in the attempt to fulfill their need for new adventures, started to crowd the paths of the local nature reserves and forests, that have been forgotten for a long time, shaded by the easily accessible low-cost all-inclusive attractions.

How might we re-establish a long-lasting and sound connection between the forests and the city? How might we explain people living in an urban scenario what a forest can offer? Beyond the traditional brochure or maps, how can a natural reserve communicate the concept of experiencing the forest? 

Micromegàsuoni facilitates a collective bi-directional journey from the forest to the city and vice versa, via a couple of identical totems that are respectively recording a feature or a unique activity taking place in the reserve and reproducing it in the urban environment. The installation goes beyond the purely aesthetic, creating a temporary shelter whose shape recalls and forms a medium for the forest sounds. The artistic-functional installation cast a different light on spaces that are normally experienced as far away, forming a tangible and direct connection.

Micromegàsuoni has been realised while in residency at Manifattura Tabacchi, following the selection for the international call “Superblast” (May - September 2021) organised by NAM-Not a Museum.

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